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A really good color laser printer for $699? Indeed. There's no reason to buy a monochrome printer ever again. Any business that isn't printing in color is missing out on the impact that just a little bit can add to a report. The C510 is easy to install, quiet in operation, and takes up a very small amount of countertop space. Add the duplexer for automatic two-sided printing and you're ready to go.


C510 base model, $699; C510n network ready model, $999; C510dtn model with duplexer and extra paper tray, $1999

Lexington, Ky.


You know who the other players are in laser printers. But when it comes to color lasers at this low price points, the field narrow. Hewlett-Packard, Okidata, Minolta, Samsung, and Brother are the other games in town.

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Key Specs

4Technology: Laser

2400 image quality

4Print Speed 30 ppm black,
8 ppm color

4Processor: 500MHz

4Time to first page:
13 seconds black,
19 seconds color

4Paper Handling
250-Sheet Input Tray, 250-Sheet Output Bin
530-Sheet Drawer, 250-Sheet Legal Tray, Duplex Unit

4Operating Systems:
Mac OS X
Windows 2000, 98, Me, XP, Server 2003
NetWare, Linux, UNIX, Citrix

4Input Capacity:
100 pgs. 20 lb. bond

4Size: 15.2" x 19.5" x 16.5"

4Weight: 67 lbs.

4Noise Level: 44 dBA

4Duty Cycle: 35,000 pgs per month

4Warranty: One Year LexOnSite, extensions available


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Lexmark C510 Color Laser Printer


By Joel Shore

March 15, 2004

Take the old monochrome laser printer and find another use for it, say, as a boat mooring. That's how you'll feel after knowing that you can get high-resolution color laser output for $699. That's certainly less than you spent for that clunker big, noisy, dirty monochrome printer you'll want to take to the nearest lake. (Well, not really; be sure to recycle or donate your old printer.)

Simply put, the Lexmark C510 delivers brilliant color that any business can afford. If you are a corporate department, an independent small business, or even a home-based business, color is critical. The C510 gives it to you painlessly and inexpensively.


The C510 is available in three different flavors. I recommend shelling out the extra bucks for the duplexer option. Once you use it to start printing on both sides of the paper, you'll love the savings. And two-sided output just looks a whole lot more professional than one-sided output, especially if you put a binding on your reports.

  • $699 C510 base model
  • $999 C510n network model
  • $1,999 C510dtn network model with duplex accessory and an extra 530-sheet paper tray

Why Buy Monochrome?

Think about this: You've got $700 burning a hole in your pocket, or maybe even your little company's equipment budget. What printer are you going to buy? You could drop $649 for the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 2300. It's a monochrome only laser printer that churns out 25 pages per minute. Do the math; that's $25.96 for the price to page-per-minute ratio. And you don't get color.

Now, shell out $50 more for the Lexmark C510. First you get color. And when you print monochrome only, it's faster than the HP at 30 pages per minutes. Do the math one more time and you'll see that the price to ppm ratio for the Lexmark is $23.30, lower than the HP. And you still get brilliant color!

So, you've got to ask yourself, "Why by monochrome?"

Ok, so you're convinced. Color is the way to go. But which color product? Instead of shelling out $699 for the C510, let's toss in another $100. For $799, you can buy a Hewlett-Packard Color LaserJet 2500. What do you get for the extra hundred bucks? Well, not much. You get only four ppm in color, half of the Lexmark's 8 ppm. And there's no duplexer option. And it's monochrome speed is a paltry 16 ppm, just over half of the C510's 30 ppm. And the HP gobbles up 344 square inches of countertop space, more than the C510's 322 square inches. I didn't major in math, but I know which of these gives me more for the money.

On-Site Sign Printing

One thing many retail stores do is print price signs. Most store chains print signs at a central location and ship them out. Why bother? Print signs at the store and there's no delay, no freight costs, and you can change a price immediately when competition requires it.

Color Coverage Estimator

 When the boss asks you how much money you're spending to print in color, you can respond with an exact figure. With the Coverage Estimator feature, the C510 prints how much of each color toner (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) is being used on a page.

Doing some quick calculations based on the price of each toner cartridge, it's not hard to calculate that the page shown here would cost a meager 14 cents. That's pretty darn affordable! It's another way to prove that color printing is very affordable. And just look at this page. Would it have nearly the same impact in different shades of gray? No way!

Where, Oh Where Is The Manual?

The manual is going to get lost, right? No problem. First, Lexmark keeps all manuals available on its Web site for quick downloading. And the manuals are also on the software CD that comes with the printer. But you've probably lost that, too. Well, Lexmark has got you covered. Ten different quick user guides are built right into the printer and you can print them anytime just by pressing a couple of buttons. Whether its help about color printing, ordering supplies, connecting to a network, fixing a paper jam, or six other areas, the guides are always at hand.

Bottom Line

Face it, color is a fact of life. Color TV was once too expensive for everyday use, and so was color laser printing. But no more. With the Lexmark C510, you'll be printing color all day long every day. You'll wonder why you waited so long to do so.

Lexmark’s C510 brings color laser printing to a whole new audience. Delivering 30 monochrome pages per minute, the $699 Lexmark C510 is faster than many monochrome-only laser printers costing considerably more. And with its ability to print up to eight brilliant 2400 Image Quality color pages per minute, the Lexmark C510 is perfect for the smallest of up to the largest of corporations. Models offering automatic two-sided duplex printing and networking capability round out the Lexmark C510 product line.

The economics of the Lexmark C510 makes a very compelling argument for all color all the time. Why buy monochrome any more?<

Yeas & Nays


4Easy installation

4Brilliant color

4Prints on vinyl media; special die cut media for hospital photo ID bracelets, store shelf tags, etc.

4Monochrome speed faster than many monochrome-only printers

4Duplex accessory enables two-sided printing


4Color speed of 8 ppm is fast for a $699 printer; but may not be fast enough for some

In The Box

• Color Printer
• Toner Cartridges
• Quick Reference
• Setup Guide
• Publications CD
• Drivers

• MarkVision Utility CD
• Power Cord


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